Common Home Plumbing Problems

The plumbing system is an integral part of each home and infrastructure, yet its importance is only realized usually when difficulties or other serious problems arises. Some who are familiar with plumbing can repair common plumbing problems, however professional plumbers are necessary to resolve more problematic issues with their expertise.A home can never do without a toilet and toilet problems can get be very inconvenient and disturbing. Some common toilet mishaps are:
Toilet clogs. A toilet is clogged when there is a slow or no drainage of water down the bowl when flushing. The clog is probably caused by build-up of waste matter in the pipes or a foreign object was flushed down the toilet.
Unwelcoming Toilet Odors. Strong sewage odors is a common result of burst pipes, defective wax ring or insufficient water in bowl.
A shower is another important feature of a bathroom and plumbing that can have problems such as:
Clogged shower-heads, when there is a limited flow of water in clogged shower-heads are often caused by accumulated deposits of minerals which must be removed or dissolved.
Shower Leaks. A defective or worn shower in need of repair may cause water to leak from the shower.
Another bathroom plumbing fixture problems are encountered is the bath tub.
Bad odor. The bathtub’s drain emits sewage odors into the room when the trap is broken or leaky or when the trap dries out if used infrequently.
Impeded drain. The water does not drain or drains slowly due to the accretion of bodily fats/grease, soap scum or hair along the pipes.
As for the kitchen, plumbing problems that usually happen are:
Clogged Sinks. As in clogged toilets, the kitchen sink may also be clogged and the water would not drain due to rusty drain pipes.
Low water pressure. A turned on sink tap reduces water pressure in the entire plumbing fixtures in the house is caused by defective plumbing parts or incorrect sink installation.
There are other plumbing problems that are not focused on a particular plumbing fixture but are disturbing matters that plumbers can effectively repair are:
Dirty Water. The tap water must be clear and void of color, otherwise the water pipes may have been filled with harmful minerals such as rust, dirt and sediment.
Creaking pipes. When hot water runs in pipes, it heats up the material causing slight pipe expansion. When the flow of hot water is ceased, the pipe cools off and the metal contracts. Thus the creaking sound is caused by the pipe’s expansion and contraction.
Burst Pipes. This problem can occur in locations where extreme coldness occurs thus freezing and expanding the water in the pipes. This series of action leads to pipe burst and results to emergency flooding.
Rattling pipes. Vibration is produced by water pressure runs through a loosely attached pipe. When the pipes vibrates against something hard and solid, the clattering sound is also produced.
Whistling Pipes. As a plumbing fixture is turned on, the water flows. And when there is sediment build up in pipes or when there is a defective valve in the plumbing system, the water flows through a restricted section of the pipe thus causing the whistling sound.

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